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Whoo Whoo 
The Wind Blew
 Illustrated by Leslie Wood
Published by Faber & Faber 1945

Of all the traditional tales the cumulative tale is one of the greatest favourites with the young. Whoo Whoo wilst traditional in structure has a new twist to it which shold recommend it at once to the reader. The author has found that in the telling of it the humour is particularly appreciated by boys - and the admirable drawings by Leslie Wood should make it even more popular in book form."
                            Publisher's note 1945

"Whoo, whoo," the wind blew. "Up we get and away we go."
         And it blew down the street. Whoo, whoo.
                 It saw an open window, it looked inside.
                          On a chair lay a pink woolen vest.

                                                               ©Elsie Wood

                             "Whoo, whoo, may I come in?
                         "Come in and welcome. I seldom see company."
               "Who do you belong to?"
      "An elegant lady."
               "Leave your fine lady and come along with me."
                      "Yes I will. It's time I had a change."


Drawings for this book were commissioned during 1943. However there was a shortage of paper and printing ink which meant that it could not be published until after the war had ended in 1945.

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