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 GNER Livewire Magazine Feb/Mar 2000
"...  The Story of the Little Red Engine  is set in an idyllic, rural utopia where animals talk and villages all have daft names. I can't think of a better antidote to all those dinosaurs and Star Wars shenanigans."   

Ros Drinkwater 
selected for young readers for a train 
journey along the east coast 

The Spectator 11/12/1999

  "... the illustrations are wonderfully evocative of the 1940's and 1950's....Much the best is the first of all, The Story of the Little Red Engine, which reads particularly well aloud."  
Juliet Townsend  

Times Educational Supplement 24/12/1999 

"....While the Ardizzone steamboat era puffs on triumphantly, the steam train of Diana Ross's Little  Red Engine books runs slowly down its one-track line and heads for the buffers.... Many grandparents, however, will regard these brisk exercises in chuffalong Fifties mode irresistible, and it is largely grandparents who dictate what becomes a classic." 
William Feaver 

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