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Click for Reviews :The Story of the Little Red Engine Illustration © Elsie Wood
ISBN 0 233 99402 5 Reviews
Text © 1945 Diana Ross. Illustrations © Elsie Wood.
AUTHOR : Diana Ross      ILLUSTRATOR : Leslie Wood

Once upon a time there was a little Red Engine and every day at seven o’clock it came out of its shed at Taddlecombe Junction to go on its journey. Every morning as it passed, it whistled to its friends: little dog Hurry at Jubilee Cottages, Neddy the donkey at Callington Manor, the frogs, the sheep and the one-eyed gamekeeper’s cat. It loved its job, travelling to new places, meeting lots of people and seeing exciting things. Then one day, the Little Red Engine didn’t arrive. It had never been late before, whatever could have happened? 

NEW : Published 01/04/2001 : Japanese translation   ISBN : 4751519832

Click for Reviews : The Little Red Engine goes to Town Illustration © Elsie Wood
 ISBN 0 233 99404 1  Reviews
Text © 1952 Diana Ross. Illustrations © Elsie Wood. 
AUTHOR : Diana Ross   ILLUSTRATOR : Leslie Wood

When the Little Red Engine was chosen to be part of a grand exhibition in London, it was very proud. It travelled all the way down to London by moonlight, meeting all sorts of mysterious night-time creatures on the way. In London, the Little Red Engine saw all the sights and could hardly believe the wonderful buildings and amazing machines at the exhibition. But even amongst these huge shining engines and grand old trains, who do you think the children’s favourite was? 

Click for Reviews  : The Little Red Engine and the Rocket  : Illustration © Elsie Wood
ISBN 0 233 99405 X   Reviews
Text © 1956 Diana Ross.Illustrations © Elsie Wood
AUTHOR : Diana Ross  ILLUSTRATOR : Leslie Wood

When the cleverest scientists and inventors decided to build a rocket, the Little Red Engine was very excited.  It was very busy carrying all the architects, bricklayers, carpenters and painters backwards and forwards to the rocket site each day until the Big Red Rocket was built.  At last it was ready, and a crowd gathered to watch the launch of the rocket.  It blasted into the air, carrying the very first space passengers - the frogs, the gamekeeper’s cat and little dog Hurry.  When it finally came down, they were some extra passengers on board.  What had happened while the animals were up in space?


The Little Red Engine books encapsulate the best of post-war children’s literature. In less than fifty years, the stories, with their rhythmic language, evocative artwork and subtle humour, have undeniably achieved the status of true modern classics.   The work of Diana Ross, one of the most well-loved and influential children’s writers in the forties, fifties and sixties, is brought alive for a new generation of readers in this series. Her charming tales are accompanied by wonderful artwork from Leslie Wood, one of the most celebrated of post-war children’s illustrators. Reviews  Website : http://www.diana-ross.co.uk
Full colour original artwork throughout : 130 x 182mm  :  32pp : Hardback : PRICE : £6.99 
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The Story of the LRE (1945), The LRE goes to Town (1952) and The LRE and the Rocket (1956) first published in Great Britain by Faber and Faber Ltd. This edition published in 1999 by André  Deutsch Classics.  All rights reserved. Text © Diana Ross. Illustrations © Elsie Wood. This page prepared by Antony Anderson for Diana Ross & Elsie Wood Oct 1999.

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