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Uncle Anty's Album - 1942
by Diana Ross,
Photographs by Anthony Denney

© Diana Ross / Denney family


Times Literary Supplement 28 March 1942

"Faber and Faber ...are the sponsors of an experiment called "UNCLE ANTY'S ALBUM" in which sophisticated adults will take much delight and by which children, we fear, be either bored or baffled. The album consists of about two dozen full-page photographic illustrations, mostly of dolls poised against backgrounds  with a touch of surrealism to them. One innocent wax creature stands against a spotted canvas background picked out with large hairpin, pins and buttons, and is unfairly titled Bad Little Girl.  There are dolls - foreign, china, wooden and paper. There is a first-rate picture of a clown. But what will children make of the shadowy dimness of Poor Little Girl or Electrical Lady ? For them, in these cases, the imagination and ingenuity are likely to be misplaced. The author-artists are DIANA ROSS and ANTHONY DENNEY and the price is 5s.


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